#Fitbabe Lauren Simpson


Wanna meet another Fitness Goddess?
Here she is…
The one & only, coming straight from Australia,
truly inspiring and a hell of a motivation for body transformation

She’s WBFF Bikini World Champion
& she’s rocking the stage whenever she shows up ❤

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WBFF WORLDS 👑 I worked so hard my entire prep to be in that moment knowing I had done everything I can. I worked my ass off in the gym, I hit my macros, spent hours practising posing, trusted the process and I never gave up even when it got tough. Those every day actions all contributed to what I brought to the stage. 💫 It was such a good feeling to stand up there and know I was in my best condition I’ve ever been in. I can’t wait to keep improving 💪🏼 – I believe I’m a work in progress. I am striving to be the best I can be every single day. In saying that I also understand you don’t have to be perfect (there is not such thing!!) and it is okay to have off days. I set the bar high with everything I pursue and know each day comes with new opportunities to better yourself.🙌🏻 – I set my goals big for this show and I worked hard at it every day. I encourage you to do the same. No matter your goal…big or small…if you invest your time and efforts into it, you will reap the rewards. Become your best YOU. ♥️ – I am so proud. WBFF Bikini World Champion 👑 – Coach: @coachmarkcarroll Bikini: @glamfitbikinis Posing coach: @toby.harrison

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Her body transformation is just amazing
& she’s one of the best #bootymotivation ever!

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This is my 3 years transformation! I’m just like any other girl – we all start somewhere – I set my goals & I work hard to achieve them. ✨ – This is the difference between what cardio & weights did to my body. I was a cardio bunny eating minimal calories. It wasn’t until I got in the weights room & started eating to fuel my workouts did my body shape transform & I got the best results! Years of trial and error & now I know what works. 🍑💪🏼 – GIRLS! Learn my methods & start your own transformation! 💕 – Join me for my new 6 week challenge! BE YOUR BEST💪🏼 Let’s do this! We start 5 nov! – Hit link in my bio to sign up today! Spots filling fast 👑 @laurensimpsonfitness

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On her insta you can find
a lot of workout ideas & improving methods for exercises.

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BOOTY WORKOUT 🍑🔥 This is a perfect booty focused workout you can do from home, at a park or if you don’t have access to gyms while travelling! 🙌🏻 TAG your friends & give this a go! It’s harder than it looks I promise😉 – ‼️All you need is your LSF booty bands! All my workout gear including booty bands, thick hip band (MUST HAVE!), shakers, bag etc are ON SALE! 30% off everything.‼️ – 💗SHOP LINK IN MY BIO NOW💗@laurensimpsonfitness – Now here’s the workout:👇🏼 – 1️⃣Donkey kick 2️⃣Glute bridge to abductor 3️⃣Frog pumps 4️⃣Side lying clam 5️⃣Plank step outs 6️⃣Squat jump with pulse – ➡️15-20 reps each exercise // 3-4 rounds – ENJOY 😘

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Lauren is def the #FitBabe


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