How to find workout motivation? My 10 ideas


We all have these days when our motivation is dropping just bc
the weather is not nice or we had an argument with bestie,
there was a traffic jam on the road or our boss pissed us off with
some meaningless issue… And we feel like doing nothing more that day…
It can happen the next day, and the day after and our temporary lack of motivation will become the permanent excuse for not going to the gym.
It also happens to me, but I always look for simple solutions that’ll
give me kick to go to train as hard as I can.
And I’m not talking about pre-workouts this time


Here are my Top 10 ideas
that will give you extra power to work out as hard as you usually do!

  1. My very first motivation is just myself. Self-love is not about egoism but about an ability to taking your shit together, bc without that you’re not able to help any other person. So by becoming stronger “you”, the World achieves a confident & valuable person. So here’s a simple sentence that always keeps me moving – Today I love myself enough to… (exercise for example 🙃)
  2. Good workout music – a new playlist always gives me wings! I just can’t wait to put on my iSport Freedom Monster headphones & hit the gym with new powerful tracks on my iPhone.


  3. A new type of workout / new workout gear / new workout plan – Changing your workout routine, but still keeping up with your plan is a blessing for all bored athletes. There are so many exercises or new workout accessories to use that I won’t believe you when you say that you’re done with all possibilities.
  4. A new place to workout – Sometimes attending to the same workout place let us fall into a boring routine – same machines & workout gear, same people.. It might pull you down & make you feel unmotivated. So how about checking the new gym in a town? Or someplace that friend recommended to you? Fitness industry grows so fast that new training centers are opening all the time! Just check a map & look for something that is nice to visit.


  5. Training with friends or couple workout – having a training partner helps find motivation even on worse days. It’s also great fun & a perfect way to spend time together.
  6. Beating small PR every day, reaching small goals – setting yourself some challenges you’ll feel much more motivated to beat them & for sure your workout will be way more energetic & aggressive. I’m not talking about lifting super heavy all the time but setting yourself a goal for every workout like the number of reps or sets, changing the time of breaks, or progress on weight. It’ll motivate you to focus on finishing your task.


  7. Documenting & checking the results – I know that taking selfies at the gym might look silly, but… You know is a great way to keep you going? Seeing the body change at photos may be the best booster for your motivation. When I start doubting on my progress and I complain about my body I always look at old gym snaps and in seconds I’m back on track! If you work hard, there’s always a visible progress, and the progress is always appreciated.
  8. New clothes – I know it might be nothing special, but… From time to time it motivates me so much to jump into new gym set from Workout Empire and check how it fits during a workout. I’m the woman so.. 💁🏻‍♀️


  9. If not now, then when? – It’s kind of a serious question which always pushes me to do some work.
  10. Are you in a place where you want to be? If not, that’s motivating enough, right? We won’t make our dreams come true by doing nothing. So get up & work for it!



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