NEXT LEVEL workout: BCEAA by Christofer Nober


I want to share with u one product that you just need to try.
Let’s say that you can have BCAA but better than others..
How’s that even possible?
Swedish Supplements as always delivers to us a great solution!
BCEAA by Christofer Nober! Kk.. but what’s the noise about?

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 08.39.03

Top characteristics of that products are:

✓ Advanced amino acid matrices with EAA
and a high proportion of BCAA, electrolytes
and carefully chosen substances.

✓ It contains Watts Up®
which is a new natural ergogenic substance
from which the muscle cells power stations streamline mitochondria’s
work to release explosive energy.



How things are with nutrition facts? Let’s see..


Buy BCEAA now with a -15% discount using code MISSFITNATI15

Who is Christofer Nober?
Meet the member of Swedish Supplements Team!


Christofer Nober is IFBB Pro athlete.
One of the top!
And an amazing & charismatic person.
Want to know him more?
Follow his Instagram for news!


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