Resistance Bands: Yay or Nay?


Hey! Let’s talk about RESISTANCE BANDS for a while…
It’s nothing new in the fitness industry & you can see many people using them.
So do they actually work? What’s the point of using them? Let’s see..


I can see many pros of using resistance bands:

✔️ you can use them while warming up
✔️ they can improve muscle tension during exercises  & give better target muscle feeling
✔️ they can give extra resistance during heavy exercises
✔️ you can do fbw (full body workout) using only them
✔️ resistance bands are super lightweight and don’t take much space in your training        bag,  so you can easily take them wherever you want


I love to use resistance bands in my delts, glutes & abs workout.
On my instagram you can find some exercise inspirations.

Pro Tip!
In your glutes workout, you can twist resistance band in the middle
to get even more resistance while exercising & to focus muscle tension more
on the center top part.


Which one do I use?

My favs are from Band by Befitwoman
The whole set contains 4 bands with different resistance:
Green 3,6kg  ||  Yellow 9,07kg  ||  Red 13,6kg  ||  Black 18,4kg

Do you use resistance bands in your workout?
I’m curious about your opinions! Let me know in comments below


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