Thai Red Curry with Beef


Thai food is definitely one of my favs,
so today I want to share with u an easy recipe
for Red Beef Curry with homemade curry paste.

red curry 2

For red curry paste you’ll need:

🍛 3 shallots
🍛 4 chili peppers
🍛 1 sweet red pepper
🍛 5 cm of fresh ginger
🍛 juice from half of a lime
🍛 2 spoons of coconut oil (or any other)
🍛 Spices (1 teaspoon of each): garlic powder, salt, kaffir lime leaves, red chili, red pepper, cumin seeds, turmeric

Fry cumin seeds on a dry frying pan.
Chopp shallots, chili peppers, peppers & ginger into smaller pieces.
Mix veggies & spices in a bowl and blend until smooth.
Add lime juice & coconut oil. Here’s ready red curry paste.
You can keep extra left paste in a freezer.

red curry 3

Now it’s time to make a curry dish.

You’ll need (the amount of ingredients is up to you, as you like the proportions, here I show you mine as an example):

🍛 150g beef sirloin (you can also make it with duck meat)
🍛 400 ml coconut milk
🍛 3 spoons of homemade red curry paste
🍛 3 cloves of fresh garlic
🍛 1 chili pepper
🍛 1 red sweet pepper
🍛 1 small carrot
🍛 few mini mushrooms
🍛 small sweet potato
🍛 few cherry tomatoes
🍛 fresh coriander
🍛 cashew nuts
🍛 lime

🍛 soy noodles, rice or rice noodles (I’ve used black soy noodles)

The recipe

Chopp garlic & chili pepper into small pieces and fry on coconut oil for a while.
Cut meat into strips and add to frying pan.
Put 3 spoons of red curry paste & wait until melted.
Add half of a portion of coconut milk. Keep on low heat.
Start adding chopped veggies: sweet potato, carrot, red sweet pepper & mini mushrooms.
Add rest of the coconut milk & cook for a while until veggies are soft.
Serve with fresh cherry tomatoes, chopped cashew nuts, a slice of a lime & fresh coriander leaves. Tastes great with rice & noodles.

red curry 1


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