10 Benefits of the outdoor workout: Boombox Monster Blaster is 11th!



1// You’ll boost your immune system
by being close to nature.

2//  You’ll increase the vitamin D level in your body
by working out on sunny days.

3// You’ll burn more calories when you’ll train on colder days.
Imagine that wind can be a great natural resistance during the workout!

4// You’ll get more “good mood” hormones.
Studies show that those who exercise outdoors on a regular basis
have higher serotonin, dopamine & endorphins levels in their bodies.

5// You’ll work out longer & harder
because your training’s environment will be constantly changing
and providing new challenges.

6// You’ll save money because all you’ll need is a pair of comfy trainers

7// You’ll get to know better your neighborhood!
Maybe you’ll find some interesting stores, restaurants or other places.

8// You’ll breathe cleaner air…
Ofc if you’ll get out of town to woods or parks 😉

9/ You’ll stay more concentrated.
Changing terrain will keep your mind focused.

10// You’ll save some time!
You won’t lose time for traffic while getting to the gym


11// (an extra one) Boombox Monter Blaster
Your favorite workout music anywhere you go!

It’s wireless and can be taken with us wherever we want (yes, even outside!).
Moreover, the Bluetooth system provides us with an easy way to play songs
right straight from our smartphone.


Monster Blaster gives us crystal clear sound improved by a built-in subwoofer.
After full charging, it can play for 12 hours!
It’s perfect for dance classes, fitness workouts, garden parties & many more!
See the product here



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