Heavenly Rich Chocolate Cake x Swedish Supplements


As I love sweet potatoes,
I need to give them a try and make a delicious dessert out of them.
And here it is – Heavenly Rich Chocolate Cake!
It’s great as a sweet snack or B-day cake. Just try this recipe out!

choco cake

You’ll need:

(For the cake, the diameter of springform is 18cm)
🍫 1 banana
🍫 800g of sweet potatoes
🍫 2 spoons of dark cocoa
🍫 4 spoons of erythritol
🍫 150g of amaranth flour
🍫 1 teaspoon of baking powder
🍫 40g of coconut oil
🍫 4 egg whites

(For chocolate cream)
🍫 150g of dates
🍫 1 scoop of Heavenly Rich Chocolate Whey Protein Deluxe from Swedish Supplements (buy now!)

🍫 Fruits & coconut flakes for decorating the cake

choco cake 2

The recipe

Bake sweet potatoes until tender (about 40 mins in 200°C).
Smash banana in a bowl. Add peeled potatoes and mix together.
Add amaranth flour, dark cocoa, erythritol and baking powder.
While stirring add coconut oil and beaten egg whites.
Ready cake mass pour into cake springform.
Bake for 40 mins in 200°C.

Now it’s time to make chocolate cream.
Soak the dates in boiling water. Next, mix them with Heavenly Rich Chocolate Whey Protein Deluxe from Swedish Supplements using blender
After the cake is ready, grease the chocolate cream gently all over it.

Sprinkle with coconut flakes and decorate with fruits. Voila! Ready to eat!
Keep the cake in the fridge if you don’t eat it all at once 😋

choco cake 4

Nutrition Facts (for 1 serving, the whole cake is 8 servings)

333 kcal || P 10,5 g || C 56g || F 10g

choco cake 3


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