Superfoods & Supplements​: My current workout supplementation


Many of you ask me what supplements I use during my workout..
It’s all basics! Here’s a list of my recommended products:


Before Warm-up

#1 HMB
HMB Is the leucine metabolite that appears to be “saving” on the muscle mass, thus, antibacterial metabolism. The great anti-catabolic product that helps me protect my muscles.

#2 Cutter
Before the workout, I use Cutter to give myself extra energy & to burn fat faster.

I always mix BCAA in my water bottle & drink it before, during and after my training.


During Workout

#3 Hydro Amino
To support myself beside simple BCAA, I drink Hydro Amino, which is a full-bodied amino acid complex from Swedish beef.

Conjugated linoleic acid is a trans fatty acid that helps me burning fat during physical exercise.

# Citrulline / AAKG
I add one of those to my shaker whenever I need an extra pump!


Post Workout

# ISO Whey Bar
After an intense workout, I treat myself with those incredibly tasty bars! Not always! Especially not in pre-comp season 😉



Discount Code!

Using code: MISSFITNATI15 you get -15% of discount buying Swedish Supplements products at the store!


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