Pre-Comp Beauty Care: The Perfect Stage HairStyle!


Today I wanna tell you more about hair care and styling products,
which I can definitely recommend for you to use before performing on stage.

Beside regenerative and nutritional treatments that
I do in the LE DESIR salon, I love to use Kevin Murphy products.
They are characterized by rich and nourishing composition and the effect is long-lasting, which allows for a perfect look of hairstyle on the stage, catwalk or during photo sessions. In addition, the products contain pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. It’s a perfect combination for my hair!



No. 1
Perfectly smoothing and regenerating hair shampoo, which emphasizes the natural twist and prevents frizz. Thanks to the extract of sunflower seeds and Murumuru butter, it leaves hair healthy, soft and prone to styling. It works great if you want to get perfectly smooth hair on the stage. I always straighten it with a straightener before the start, and this shampoo makes it easier to stylize and also provides the perfect shine.



No. 2
In combination with shampoo, this conditioner gives strength and shine to the hair. Butter from cocoa seeds moisturizes the hair and merges the split ends, improving their elasticity. Brazil nut oil protects, nourishes and visibly reduces hair damage. The combination of these two products provides a sensational effect!



No. 3
A modeling lotion that gives the hair thickness and volume. Its rich composition not only adds glamor to the hairstyle but also helps it to be stacked without weighing the hair. In this product, you can find only best ingredients: lavender water (which not only gives the soothing scent but also provide shines to the hair and adds volume), honey extract, pomelo extract and camphor tree leaf oil. The perfect product for styling hair to the stage!



No. 4
Maximum fixation is possible! Once I was convinced that my hair will always be undisciplined and that there is no chance of fixing a hairstyle without artificial appearance .. But then SESSION.SPRAY got into my hands! The expectations for a perfect finish were absolutely met! This spray provides strong and long-lasting fixation. It contains hydrolyzed wheat proteins, natural fragrance oils and protects the color from the harmful effects of UV rays. Strongly fixing resins provide styling durability, resistance to moisture and “shape memory”, and also do not flake while combing. PERFECTION!




Everything must be absolutely perfect while performing on stage. Bikini Fitness is not only about amazing physique and impeccable stage presence but also about the great look – makeup, hair, bikini suit and jewelry. During every show, I learn, observe and correct to make the effect better & better. I hatched for the best products and use the experience of specialists. Kevin Murphy is definitely a brand that
will make your hairstyle look perfect during the show!
You’ll see it soon in a new post with photos & videos from Polish Championships 🙂


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