Workout Gear: Monster iSport Freedom Headphones


Are you looking for the right headphones for your training?
I have something for you! As always, Monster has met the expectations of athletes and offers us a new model of iSport Freedom wireless headphones!


As you know, I am a person who highly values full focus on training
with good (and loud!) music in my ears which motivates me to the next heavy sets,
so “Freedoms”  especially met my expectations 😈


They are super light and resistant to sweat. In addition,
they are extremely durable, so they are ideal for both indoor & outside workout.


iSport Freedom is wireless, so you can easily connect them to any device via
the Bluetooth system. The battery after full charge is enough
to listen to music on many, many, long workouts.
You can also connect them via cable if you forgot to charge them.💪🏼


iSport Freedom headphones have a comfortable control panel on the side.
One swipe of your finger allows you to easily change songs,
as well as answer or end voice calls. Well …
Because thanks to Monster Voice Through technology
you can easily chat over the phone – with clear sound and no echo effect.

So in conclusion:
✔️ Wireless
✔️ resistant to sweat
✔️ A super-light and durable construction
✔️ Long working time
✔️ Touch control panel
✔️ Ability to answer voice calls

For me, they are a perfect solution and it’s definitely my favorite model as far.
Unless Monster releases something even better. The only question is – Is it even possible?? 😏

If you want to learn more about the Monster iSport Freedom headphones,
take a look here.


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