Superfoods & Supplements: Vitamin D3



Vitamin D3 is a very important element of everyone’s diet, no matter if you’re amateur or pro athlete or not a sports person at all.
It’s produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight,
but its deficiencies are very common in the human body
(especially in autumn and winter season).
It’s almost impossible to provide it only through a diet,
that’s why its supplementation is very important.
Vitamin D3 belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins – it is not excreted in urine or sweat, but stored in fat and liver.
It is recommended to eat it together with meals rich in fats, which allows for better absorption.
Below, you’ll find some basic infos about it.


Vitamin D3:
💊 supports the skeletal system and promotes healthy teeth by regulating the calcium and phosphate metabolism
💊 facilitates the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems by maintaining the proper concentration of calcium in the blood
💊 can prevent the development of cancer by inhibiting the multiplication of cancer cells💊 helps prevent hypertension and heart disease
💊 can prevent diabetes by stimulating insulin secretion and maintaining the proper level of glucose in the blood
💊 supports the human immune system
💊 soothes allergy symptoms by strengthening the immune system
💊 prevents depression and dementia by affecting the functioning of the nervous system
💊 supports the slimming process by reducing the production of cortisol (supplemented with calcium) and by influencing the production of leptin (a hormone responsible for “feeling full”)

Deficiency symptoms:
💊 general fatigue
💊 restless sleep
💊 problems with concentration and memory
💊 headaches
💊 weakened immune system
💊 weakness and muscle pain

The dosage of vitamin D3 is obviously dependent on deficiencies occurring in a given period. It’s recommended to regularly check its blood level, which allows you to determine the correct daily dose. However, it is assumed that as part of preventive supplementation, children and adolescents may receive 600 – 1000 IU. per day,
while for adults, it’s 800 – 2000 IU per day.

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    Very useful post about health, one of the most importants things in life. With a balanced diet and exercise, only genetics can cause you problems.


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