Juice Me! Ideas for detoxing juices


I’m currently detoxing my body after competing season &
I want to share with you some tasty ideas for detoxing juices.
Why detoxing your body is so important?
From time to time it’s good to go with juice diet, that speeds up cleaning process.
It helps get rid of any toxins from your organism, boosts your energy
& gives you better skin, nails & hair condition.
It also improves your immune system & metabolism.
Here are 6 delicious veggies & fruits mixes,
that are perfect for detoxing juices


Pear + Spinach + Lemon
 Carrot + Ginger + Lemon
 Apple + Celeriac + Cinnamon
Beets + Apple + Blueberries
 Cucumber + Apple + Celery
 Orange + Grapefruit + Cayenne Pepper

Which one would you like to try?
Do you have any favorite juice mix?
Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Juice Me! Ideas for detoxing juices

  1. Hello.

    In my case, I would try the last one; it looks tasty :D.

    My favourite I make is this: Apple + Banana + Lettuce. I add some soya milk 🙂


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