Eat clean & make it your routine! Few words about my diet



Do you know that nutrition is about 80% of success to change your body?
Yes, exercising is only 20% of that!
As they say – ABS starts in kitchen!




My daily diet is based on a few simple Clean Eating rules.
The exact meal plan depends on the period of time during my sports season.
But first things first – What is clean eating?




Clean eating is a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation.
Here are simple guidelines to follow:

✔️ Eat Often – 5 to 6 times a day & drink a lot of water
✔️ Eat Real – If you can imagine your food growing out of the ground or being raised on a farm – it’s real. And real means clean.
✔️ Eat “Naked” – Avoid packed, highly processed & refined foods! Clean food is “naked” food like meat from butcher, fresh fruits & vegetables or grains, nuts, and spices you can buy in bulk – these are good & clean
✔️ Eat one-word ingredients list – Eat food that has only one single ingredient in its list like broccoli, rice, raw turkey etc.
✔️ Eat Organic – Try to always get organic food – think without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, steroids or artificial sweeteners
✔️ Eat Colourfully – Veggies should be added to every meal. They’re rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.
✔️ Eat Homemade – Prepare your meals at home. You’ll be sure that the ingredients are the best quality & that food was prepared fresh & clean.
✔️ Eat Yummy – Clean eating is about delicious meals, so use a lot of herbs and species, be creative with your meals!




“White products on the Blacklist”
There are 3 “white” products, that you should minimalize or completely avoid:

✔️ Sugar – choose natural sweeteners as stevia, xylitol or use fruits as a natural source of sweetness
✔️ Processed flour – always choose 100% whole grains products
✔️ Salt – minimalize sodium consumption to get better fluid and electrolyte management in your body




What products do I use?
Here’s a list of my fav sources of proteins, carbs & fats.

✔️ Meats – beef, turkey, venison, organic chicken
✔️ Fresh fish & seafood
✔️ Egg whites
✔️ Tofu

✔️ Rice
✔️ Groats
✔️ Oats
✔️ Sweet potatoes

✔️ Linseed oil
✔️ Coconut oil
✔️ Olive oil




Food preparation – What’s the best?
Always choose the healthiest way to prepare your food – cook it, bake it, stew it or eat it raw!




As you see, clean eating is following few rules that help you get the best from foods. Choose diet, that fits you – paleo, raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or soy free.
Choose whatever is good for you and improve it with clean eating guidelines!




Soon I’ll post more clean recipes on my blog to give you meals ideas. Stay tuned!
If there’s any meal that you like leave a comment & I’ll try to give you clean version of it!


One thought on “Eat clean & make it your routine! Few words about my diet

  1. Hello.

    In my case, I agree essentially with what you write here but I would add (for myself) something more: I agree with eating GMOs because they are the next step of the human nutrition; we, as species, selected the best features for our nutrition since the beginning of the humanity. However, the techniques were imprecise, and knowing DNA secrets and manipulation, we can create better food for us. I don’t mind if they plant synthetic seeds and they give a good fruit/vegetable if the features they have are good and healthy for use.

    And yes… Some people think nutrition is not more important than exercise and it’s the basic pillar of healthy life. That does not mean only eating healthy is the solution because exercise and rest, although they must be in a lower propotion, those proportions should be done without excuses.


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