Body Hydration: Drink More Water!


Water plays key role in our bodies.
It’s also the most important & ubiquitous substance which our organism contents.

Water is about:
50-55% body weight of woman, 65-75% body weight of child, 60-65% body weight of man


Water in our body is also responsible for:

💧 adequate work of metabolic processes
💧 body thermoregulation
💧 toxins removal from organism
💧 transport, dissolution and absorption of nutrients
💧 Protection of internal organs and their proper hydration
(Including moisturizing of the mucous membrane, joints and eyeballs)

darling-scrap-water-splash-24 copy

During the day our body expels 2.5l of water
and for those who train it can be up to twice as much!
We can lose even 2.0l of water for 1 hour of intense workout!
Take care of proper hydration during exercise!  💪🏼💦


Everyday we should drink about 2.0l of water, which is 8 glasses.
For drinking it’s good to choose still water with rich mineralization.

What are the benefits of drinking water?
Take care of your hydration and after a while you will notice that:

💧 Your metabolism improves
💧 Your nails and hair are stronger and halthier
💧 Your skin is smooth
💧 You’re more energetic during the day
💧 It’s easier to focus and stay concentrate
💧 Keeping balanced diet is simple
💧 Body weight is under control
💧 Your seeing improves
💧 Your body doesn’t retain unnecessary water under skin
💧 Headaches and back pain less frequently tire you
💧 Your joints work better

Sounds good?
And we’re speaking only about normal water!
So drink a glass or two now – cheers!!

✔️ In the final days of preparation for the competition you have to drink a definite amount of water (large! For me it was even 8.0l per day). My way of not getting lost in how much I drank is to prepare the right amount of bottles every morning and tie a ribbon on each bottle. I know that some people write down the amount of drinked water or use apps on the phone. What is your method?


2 thoughts on “Body Hydration: Drink More Water!

  1. Hello.

    In my case I try to drink, always, at least a 1,5 l. water bottle. Then, I use to drink water in form of cups of tea (more or less twice a day).

    And of course it’s important to drink water because it’s healthy.


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