× Inspiration

Waikiki Beach Coconut Candle by Bath & Body Works ❤️
One of my fav aroma combination – coconut, refreshing sea scent & bamboo. My first thought is HOLIDAY!  😎✌🏼☀️


× Workout Look



× Music for cardio 🎶


× Some motivation 💪🏼


× Must have!


Shakers by Blender Bottle – The BEST! ❤️



One thought on “#FITSPIRATION

  1. Hello.

    In my case I prefer more Adidas for training but Nike is a nice option too. Also, I like the slogan “Just do it!” because encourages me to do things as best as I can.

    You will force me to learn some Polish because of your Polish posts hahahaha 😉 I know a Polish girl from the course I am doing since the end of May (it finishes in the first week of July) and I will ask her for Polish lessons. By the way… Talking about Polish things… Do you know my mother, once at work as a sewer in a factory, found a Zloty? I still have it as a curious thing you never expect to find in a bag of jacket buttons.

    Returning to the main topic… I usually combine different trademarks of sports (Adidas, Nike, Puma…) because I like to try different things.

    Hoping your next post.


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