Workout Gear: MONSTER ROC by CR7 x Steady Mixes



054a6d42348a6e7ecb4c477680f5c831…even through the hard workout!

The music is super important to me & I love listen to it in every moment of my
life – during training, road trip, work or relaxation.
It can motivate me, help me get focused or make me calm.
Everything I do goes better with right rhythms in the background.
So it’s not a surprise, that during my training
I love to hear the best beats in my ears
to be more energetic & thrilled. To do so, I needed to get an accurate gear…


My favourite headphones so far are
ROC Freedom by Cristiano Ronaldo made by MONSTER.
Created especially for athletes, with nice design & great sound quality.


They’re extremely durable, wireless (connected by bluetooth)
and the battery can withstand surprisingly long. Also ear cups are sweat-proof
and easy to clean, which make them perfect for workout use.
Definitely one of the best headphones on the market!
See other products from ROC Collection here.

What kind of music do I listen?


I’m into mixtapes & I usually listen to  Steady Mixes
Lots of music genres & free download!


At the end, I want to ask all of you about your favourite workout songs.
Do you have any? What headphones do you use? Any recommendations?
Leave comments below!


4 thoughts on “Workout Gear: MONSTER ROC by CR7 x Steady Mixes

  1. Hello!!

    In my case I prefer to use the headphones that belong to the mobile phone I use. However, sometimes I use Pioneer headphones. I use the last ones for listening to music when I am reading before going to sleep too.

    About music… Specially I like to listen to rock/metal/punk… And because they are very wide music genres I choose different subgenres depending on the kind of exercises I want to do (for example, when running I choose heavy/power metal because its epic, melodic and mid/fast makes me strong and for stretching I use to use blues/psych rock because its comfortable and psychedelic sound).


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    1. Hi there!
      One question – what do you listen to before going sleep? 😌 Maybe that’ll also work for me! I’ll be happy if you share any good bedtime music ☺️



      1. Hello!!

        In my case, in order to sleep properly, I prepare my body before going to bed:

        I try to have an active day (both physically and intellectually) because my rest time while I am sleeping will repair my mind and my body properly. When I am too tired I go to bed and I fall asleep almost instantly. An hour before going to bed I do not drink/eat anything and I prepare myself to go to sleep (I leave my clothes and I wear my pajama to prepare my mind to the idea to go to sleep).

        If I need some help, I usually read a chapter of a book (nowadays I am reading Cervantes’ novel “Novelas ejemplares”) and if I need some musical backup I usually listen to psych rock (just like stretching) and Eastern-Asian music in the vein of Chinese, Thai or Japanese traditional music that could fit in a martial arts training class. Some examples:

        Psych rock I use:

        Eastern-Asian music I use:

        May those pieces of music (and the suggested ones you can explore on the YouTube recommendations of those videos) can help you. Do not forget to write me about your experiences and if your sleep improves after listening to these pieces of music.


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