Stress less & smile more



Everyone of us needs to deal with stress & everybody has their own methods to release the tension. Today I want to share with you my ideas to relax mind & body.

Remember, that sometimes tension from our body (e.g. resulting from hard workout) can affect our mind (and vice versa – stressful thoughts can tighten muscles), so it’s important to know methods that help loosen up both – mind & body, at the same time.


× Meditation
You can do any type of meditation or calming routines (e.g. Yoga, Pilates etc.) that fits you. It’s good to clear thoughts and helping relax muscles. You can try listening to relaxing music or nature sounds while doing it – it’s easier to focus and calm down.
Also take a look at Quiet Place Project





× Stretching
Stretching will relax your body and oxygenate muscles. It’ll also give a blessed feeling to your head. Just breath deeply while exercising and let your body get loose.
The head will follow, I promise!




× Self-massage
To do self-massage you can use a tennis / lacrosse ball or foam roller. It’s an amazing way to release tension from muscles and get rid of soreness.




× Music
Dance, sing or just listen to good music. Rhythmic beats will increase heartbeat, making us more energetic and giving us better mood. Just try to shake your booty to some crazy sound!




× Aromatherapy & Hot Bath
It’s a great way to calm down your organism in the evening. Nice smell will get you in a good mood and warm water will relax muscles.



What’s yours tips & tricks to relax yourself? Do you have any other ideas you want to share? Leave a comment! I love to know your way to chill out.
So… Stress less & smile more, People! ❤️


2 thoughts on “Stress less & smile more

  1. Hi!

    Interesting actions to do in order to relax ourselves. I would add this one:

    Complete breathing: The more oxigen you take, the less distressed you feel. Putting your hands below the chest and feeling how your lungs are slowly filled with oxigen until you cannot fill them more and then you expel (slowly too) the air from your lungs.

    After repeating those two actions during 10 minutes more or less it’s probable to feel yourself ok.


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