#Fitbabe Ashley Kaltwasser



One of my favorite bikini fitness competitor is Ashley Kaltwasser (USA).
She’s my motivation as an athlete and an inspiration as a person ❤️

Ashley is not only a gold medalist at the prestigious Bikini Olympia competitions, but also an athlete with incredible gymnastics skills
(which we can often see at her insta) 💪🏻

She’s full of charm and natural grace which makes

a stunning impression on the stage … 👙

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Every time I even think about @mr.olympiallc …I seriously get the biggest smile on my face 😃 I am beyond excited to not only compete, but to reunite with some of my most favorite fitness peeps! I have oodles of exciting events and Photoshoots lined up 😍 – I wanted to just give a quick thank you heading into next week to everyone who's helped made my journey possible! First and foremost, thank you to all you guys out there who support me! 💚 I'm feelin' the love over here and it makes me a happy girl 😊 it never seizes to amaze me that people take time out of their day to send me an encouraging message or comment. And let me tell you, it sure helps! Especially on those days where I am not as motivated. I really appreciate it 💋 – Also big thanks goes to @team_fmg @teamviponline @gaspari @muscleegg @officialbetterbodies @rain_cosmetics @liquidsunrayz @cjselitesuits @glamcompjewelry @toryvhair @fitnessrxwomen @fuel_up and of course the #IFBB for making this all possible! 🙌 much love!!!! See you in Vegas 💚💚💚💚💚 – #OlympiaPrep #bikinipros #BikiniOlympia #bikini #NPC #TeamFMG #TeamGaspari

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Follow her IG! You’ll find lots of smile and positive energy there✌🏻



One thought on “#Fitbabe Ashley Kaltwasser

  1. Hello.

    As for myself, I admire fitness women like Paige Hathaway, Jesse Golden, Anita Herbert, Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant for example. I enjoy UFC and MMA fights more than bodybuilders contests (in my case) but I’d like to see more events like those.


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