FIT Weekend Kielce 2017


These memories will last forever ❤️
Today I want to share with you my experiences from
FIT Weekend which took place at Targi Kielce hall from 21st to 23rd of April.
During this event there was also Polish Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships,
in which I had a great pleasure to participate 🤞🏼🏆😁


I went to Kielce on Friday to go for obligatory registration
– weigh-in & measurement.
Nothing scary, but usually you need to wait in an endless queue, because of the number of competitors.. 🙄 I met there other athletes from my sport club – KS Fitness Klub Aplauz Warsaw, which I proudly represent in my first sport season 🙋🏽
Registration went smooth and surprisingly quick.
The only thing left to do was waiting till my Sunday’s show ❤️
In last moments before performance, every athlete need to keep an eye on their body looks and properly react for every change – eat more or less, change salt or water consumption amount and do other tricks that should give the best look on the stage. Everyone has own methods, but there’s one goal only – perfectly shown muscle definition and desired final figure look. So on Saturday, together with my irreplaceable coach Marcin Jabłoński, we have done last diet changes (luckly I was lean enough, that I could eat yummy scrambled eggs with rice 😁). In the evening we put on bronzer and transformation to lovely baked sweet potato have began 😂
Now, let’s get some sleep and…
It’s SUNDAY! 🎉 Competition Day!
As it was my second time on Bikini Fitness stage I was happy & excited, but also curious what will happen this time and how it’ll all go. Successfully color of my body was more like toasted caramel than burnt potato so it was very encouragin
💪🏼😬  I must say, that I’ve never thought before, that tan issue might be such a problem! My skin definitely doesn’t accept that kind of stuff
and there’s always trouble with tinge. But not this time! 😌
Next make up, hair and… BAM! Backstage! 😍


From now on everything goes really fast – body oil, glitter,
pumping muscles in full jewellery and high heels, so looking fabulous af 💁🏽 and..
It’s time for my category and everything began.


The way I feel on the stage is amazing. Happiness and pure joy.
Even tough it was my second show I already knew that I want more & more.
Emotions during the performance are irreplaceable.
How it went? You can watch my show and judge by yourself.
I’m very proud of myself that I did it and how it all went.
I became a big motivation to myself and I’m ready to work even harder on my body.
After watching my photos from show, I couldn’t believe that it was truly me on the stage. From this performance I can get many leads for further competitions,
which is very important to me. Now I feel ready & motivated to work on my physique and to create the best stage look. Even if it’s only the beginning of my fitness journey. I am happy that I overcome my weaknesses, that I’m working on myself, that I’ve had a pleasure to meet valuable & interesting people and
that I’ve had a chance to do something inspiring & amazing.


Anyway, I went to semi final, which feels like a success to me.
I start my professional competition preparation with the beginning of the year, so it’s not very long and I’m happy with the results.
Now it’s time to make some progress and show it on stage again.
I can’t wait till it happen! 😌


After my show I went to hunt for some protein bars 😈
After sweets I needed to eat some salty food.
I was pleased with yummy burgers from The Burger
(Tittle-tattle – After show all I want to eat are 100% beef & bacon burgers 😂
I’m like Burger Princess 👑🍔)


At the end let’s say few words about FIT Weekend. There were a lot of attractions –
inflatable slides & obstacle course, group trainings, pole dane shows,
barbell bench press competitions and many more.
I encourage everyone interested even a little bit in fitness lifestyle
to go to such an events. You can try there all kind of fit sweets and protein pancakes
or drink every flavour of protein shake you want 😁
I hope to see you next time! 💪🏼

Watch my performance here

One thought on “FIT Weekend Kielce 2017

  1. Hi!

    Nice to see you enjoying doing what you like. Although you “”only”” reached semis it’s really good that you consider that point as the beginning of a challenge to improve your abilities. As a psychologist I confirm that motivation is important and, along with the right perspective with accurate ideas can make us improve ourselves.

    Good luck with your training and your next competition.


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