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Hey Ho!

Today is the day, when I start something new – MY FITNESS BLOG!

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally I gather myself to get started 🙃

But first things first … I’m NATi & I currently live in Warsaw, Poland. Through my whole life I practice sport – first swimming, athletics and dancing, then for 13 years my main passion was horse riding. I went to various sport schools, so everyday training and competitions became the norm for me. I had the opportunity to check myself in many sport competitions. I’ve always knew that I want to be a professional athlete, but still then I didn’t know sport discipline for me. And so, 4 years ago I hited the gym and then it all started..


At first I was skeptical about it, but after only one month of personal trainings I knew, that it’s a right place for me! Bodybuilding is not only about self-discipline and regular trainings, which were relatively easy for me, but also about healthy diet and understanding your body, which were hard for me at the beginning and I really wanted to change that.

I remember that day, about a half of a year after first gym training, when I thought: “Maybe I should get more of it? Maybe I should push myself to the limits and cross over them?” Then I saw a photo of an amazing athlete Ashley Kaltwasser and I knew, that I want to fight for that kind of body, Bikini Fitness body. Beautiful and proportionate physique, charming smile, smooth movement, subtle presence and above all – stunning & shiny bikini costume! The performance on stage became my biggest dream. So on I began serious, everyday workout at the gym.

Through all these years I had the opportunity to collaborate with many valued people in bodybuilding milieu – coaches, athletes, referees. My knowledge has been growing since then. I was acquainted with various opinions on topics related to the gym. There were moments that I lost motivation, but I’ve always fight to get it back again. I also remember the time, when I completely lost my interest on my dream to show off on the stage.. Fortunately, my tenacious nature is not that easy to give up.

For all those years there were many ups and lows, but besides that my body has been constantly changing under influence of scrupulous training and diet. I was lucky to meet the right people at the right time who gave me power to truly believe in my abilities. In the fall 2016, I’ve started collaboration with my current coach who was the One, who pushed me to fullfill my dreams and gave me courage to find my inner strength.

In 2017 I’ve started my first sport season in the Bikini Fitness category. In February I debuted on the bodybuilding stage. I’ll write more about it next time.

The next competition is the Polish Championships and it’s only 5 more days till it happen. On Sunday 23rd of April I’ll be on stage in Kielce city! I can’t wait! I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made since last start, so I’m looking forward to show myself on the stage! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

P.S. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook  I promise to post news from Championships ❤️


5 thoughts on “Blog Post N°1

  1. Hello.

    I have to admit that firstly you mesmerized me because your good-looking (although atypical, just like a Suicide Girl) image. After following you I could see you are a work harder and a perseverant person, qualities I like in a person because I am perseverant but much more related with studies (my psychology degree and my neuroscience master) than exercise (although I practiced and practiced martial art, Wu Shu long ago and Wing Chun nowadays).

    I have to confess too that I felt and I was fat during the first half of my 20’s (I’ve reached the weight of 107 kgs with my 5’11” height) and it was no satisfying for me. After my 26 years old I’ve reached the point of 85-90 kgs transforming all the fat I can into muscle.

    Perseverance, constance and intelligent hard work increase the possibilities of success. In every aspect of life. So I hope you continue with this blog.

    Greetings from Spain.

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    1. “Perseverance, constance and intelligent hard work increase the possibilities of success” – wise words 😉

      Love to hear that you’ve found motivation to make a change. I keep my fingers crossed for your futher workout. Hope you’ll find here a motivation at any needed time and inspiration for improving your training. 😌

      With love,


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